Welcome to our cattery

Hi, and welcome to the new and exciting website for Banham Farm Cattery. If you are an existing customer then you already know about the emphasis we place on looking after your feline friends and how we strive to be THE place on those occasions when it's best for them (and you) to spend time apart. Whether it be for much needed holidays a family visit or having some work done at home. We promise that this is the BEST place your best friend could be (apart from home)

Cattery Picture

If you are a new customer looking for the very best Cattery you can find, then look no further. We are a small family run Cattery based in the Windsor & Maidenhead area, and are committed to providing 1st class facilities and service for all types of cat. We cater for every personality (and cats DO have them) from the most timid and placid of cats, right up to the playful and boisterous ones.

Within our modern facility, with insulated pens and temperature controlled beds. Your most prized companion could not be left in better and more capable hands.

...........The CATS are most definitely in charge around here !.........